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“There was a real warmth and charm to this. I thought Hal Geller captured the conflict of Richard, the young teen brilliantly well. And I loved Bronwyn Baud as the matriarch Essie, trying to keep up “standards” and protect her family.”

Review from The Public Reviews, by Andy Moseley

“London Theatre Workshop’s revival of the play is both timely and interesting, capturing the period and spirit of the play, but leaving it to the audience to make wider connections with O’Neill’s later plays. Hal Geller brings Richard superbly to life with a mix of adolescent rage, high principles, indecision and impetuosity governing every aspect of his existence. He is helped by a strong supporting cast, with standouts including Bronwyn Baud as Essie, capturing a mother’s love for her family, drawing comfort and enjoyment from its failings as well as its strengths, Harry Reeder as Uncle Sid, getting the perfect balance between happy drunk and a person that knows he shouldn’t be doing it, and Amy Burke as Belle, providing the temptation that contrasts superbly with the staid, respectable, catholic upbringing Richard has come from.”


Some excerpts from Reviews of Assassins at The Pleasance Theatre, March 2012:

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“The show is laced with dark humour that’s executed superbly by the nine assassins. Particular standouts are Bronwyn Baud as the deliciously eccentric Sara Jane Moore and Brandon Force in a show-stopping turn as Charles Guiteau. Both provide memorable scenes that tickled the entire audience.”


“The two would-be assassins of Gerald Ford are an absolute delight: Sara Jane Moore (Bronwyn Baud) and Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme (Marcia Brown) bond together over a shared affection for Charles Manson and their flippant clumsy approach to the task in hand is brisk and compelling”
“There is a wonderful rapport between Bronwyn Baud and Marcia Brown as the ideologically opposed female would be presidential killers…”


“I really liked this production. I thought it was strong, with subtle performances where needed and with great comic performances, particularly from Brandon Force and Bronwyn Baud. The setting is beautiful and when the Texas School Book Store is revealed, you get serious chills! Must see ! “ Mark Mills


“Fantastic production! Remarkable cast and stunningly staged. London is being spoiled having two professional Sondheim productions on at once. I’d rate this slightly better than ‘Sweeney’ right now. Bravo!”  Nuala Dunne


“Fantastic in every way. Solid cast, stunning set design and careful direction. These guys really do know Sondheim!” Jules Wilkerson


“Amazing production. Faultless staging and the casting is just perfection. The onstage talent in this show is awesome. Deserves a much longer run. Definitely a must see!” James Webb

“This is a truly brilliant production. The direction and staging are flawless and the whole production is complimented by strong production values. The casting is sublime. All of the very hard-working cast are superb.”

“I absolutely loved this show. The best thing to hit the Pleasance in a very long time! Preview performance was as good as many a West End show I have seen recently. The direction is spot on, so visual and graphic. Strong cast, beautiful costumes and design and a fantastic night in all. Go and see it.”


What is This Thing Called…? | Bronwyn Baud

The Butterfly Club , 204 Bank St, South Melbourne 26th-29th Augus
Written by Liza Dezfouli     Australian Stage Online
Saturday, 28 August 2010

This woman is just a delight. An absolute songbird with a voice that is fine and silken; she hits every note perfectly; her singing simply thrills. To be able to just sit and be carried away by a seemingly effortless and poignant rendition of some of the world’s most beautiful songs … there is nothing more to ask of a night’s entertainment.

Musical theatre has something of an image problem in Australia and doesn’t have the same traction here as it does in the States – over there the names of Gershwin, Bernstein, Hammersmith and Sondheim are engraved into the cultural consciousness of theatre lovers throughout the land. It is almost as though here we don’t trust ourselves with musical theatre unless we’re seeing the biggest most mainstream of shows or satirical comedies about politicians or sports stars. Which is a shame, because musical theatre can be every bit as textured, layered, ambiguous and moving as anything on stage. The songs that come out of the great tradition of the Broadway musical have their own rightful place in the hearts of their audiences.

But no need to miss out, go and see Bronwyn Baud in the small but perfectly formed Butterfly Club theatre and indulge in a night of nostalgia and beauty. It is downright refreshing to be entertained and have your heart’s worn little threads pulled by some pure old-fashioned love songs (along with some surprisingly rude ones!). To be reminded of just how gorgeous song can be is soothing and damn good for the soul; the complexity ,however, melodic, lyrical, and especially emotional, of many of the numbers Baud sings is impressive (Send in the Clowns would have been a nice addition, if only to hear it sung superbly for once). Baud offers a good range of well-known favourite (where you go ‘ahhhhh’ and sway just a little) from Cole Porter, Lloyd Webber, and Rodgers and Hart, as well as lesser known songs from the likes of Sondheim and Gershwin.

With Baud you get to enjoy a show by someone who is every bit a classic star of the stage without having to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the privilege. A Melbourne girl who spent long years in the UK enjoying a serious career (she played Mary Magdalen in Jesus Christ Superstar in London’s West End; need we say more?), Baud is making a most welcome comeback. The Butterfly Club’s resident pianist Trevor Jones accompanying Baud brings a cheeky charm and presence all of his own to the night; it’s always nice to see him.

Go along, hear some divine singing and enjoy the uniqueness of The Butterfly Club. What Is This Thing Called…? is a total treat.

Some other comments from the August season at The Butterfly Club: 

“Bronwyn is absolutely the BEST… She’s so talented not only as a singer but as an entertainer and an actress!!! Such an amazing varied voice with an astonishing ability to switch from one voice requirement to another just like that!! The selection of songs – so varied, romantic and funny … A STAR reborn.. Thank you Bronwyn for making a come back and enriching our life and the life of those who see and hear you. Thank you.  We love you & your show… Look forward to your next show!!!”

What a delight it was to hear Bronwyn sing …..  she is the consummate professional with such warmth and friendliness; you can “hear” her smile as she sings. The choice of songs was terrific as she ranged from wistful, to girly deliciousness to strong, strong belting out a song ……  beautiful diction and great control. ?Thank you for a great performance. My only complaint is it was too short!”

“A very witty, heartfelt show that takes you on a musical journey of the highs and lows and ins and outs of love. Bronwyn has an amazing voice that pierced my heart and had me singing her songs for hours after the show. She’s also incredibly funny and engaging and had her audience hanging on her every word. What a Show!!!”

“I had not been a musical fan, but after a few friends had seen Bronwyn’s show I just had to check it out to find out what they were raving about. An hour seemed like 10 minutes!! Bronwyn’s show was captivating, loads of fun and just made me feel wonderful, like good shows should. Do what you can to see her; it’s a night you will never forget. Thank you Bronwyn for a beautiful memory maker”
“It was the first time I have been to a show like this. I knew Bronwyn had been the lead in shows on London’s West End  which was the reason I decided to go and see her show. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my girlfriend especially enjoyed it because it is all about love. Bronwyn has a great voice and is a great entertainer”


Here are some of the comments which were posted online after the first season at the Butterfly Club in June…


“Loved the show, great songs wonderfully sung.”
“Bronwyn was effervescent! I loved her light hearted funny songs, and she moved me to tears with her ballads. She has brought musical theatre back to life for me. Thanks Bronwyn!”


“Not only was Bronwyn’s singing sublime, her connection with the poignant, humourous and dramatic lyrics demonstrated her life’s experiences and showbusiness adventures. Her anecdotes were touching and funny. A star reborn.”

“I totally melted when she sang from Jesus Christ Superstar. There’s some real magic in this show.”
“What a way to spend an hour – definitely a nice night’s entertainment with a great variety of songs! Bronwyn’s voice is wonderful – and not a wrong note anywhere despite the years since Superstar… highly recommended”.
“Bronwyn Baud filled the room with wonder and love, and held the audience in rapturous attention throughout her show. She performed with beautiful humility and a gorgeous smile. An enthralling performance, well done.”


“Bronwyn was amazing, her delivery was so enthralling, entertaining. She captured the essence of each song and drew us into her world so that we could feel what she was feeling. I was very moved. After the show an older lady came up to me and asked if I knew who her manager was; she wanted to tell Bronwyn that she felt embarrassed to have paid such a small amount for such an incredible talent. She thought that we should have paid hundreds of dollars to see her. I AGREED!”

“I had been looking forward to this performance for some time and it absolutely lived up to all expectations and beyond. Along with her exceptional voice, Bronwyn’s energy and wit made the night so very entertaining, while the emotion conveyed in songs like “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” moved me to tears. The whole show was put together beautifully and marks a very successful and exciting return for a truly delightful performer.”


“What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday night. The venue was small and very unique. Bronwyn Baud was amazing. Her repertoire of songs, expressiveness and presentation was very professional and a real joy to listen to. I could have listened to her for hours.”
“Professional, moving, funny – a highly entertaining performance that ended all too soon”.


“I’m sure all who were fortunate to be a part of Bronwyn Baud’s comeback will agree that THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. She is a world-class performer. Her love and energy radiates and one cannot help but be totally engrossed and involved throughout the performance. Thank you Bronwyn for an unforgettable experience.”

“My mother and I were truly blown away – loved every minute of it …… but the tickets were too cheap; it is worth SO MUCH MORE!!!! Bronwyn really is a star! “

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